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Hello again, I am just sitting here enjoying the sweet, sweet time called, Nap Time! I got this ripped up tee at the Nordstrom sale this year and I love it. Sometimes i just want to put on a big tee shirt and call it a day. I also have this weird obsession with chokers. I don’t really know why but for whatever reason when I wear them they make me feel fancy 🙂 So even if I am just wearing a big tee, I add a chocker and I feel all dressed up.
Since the baby has been a little sick this week I have been trying to put his naps at the top of my priority list. He is down to just one nap a day now and so I felt like it was important to stay at home to ensure he had a full one. Well, that meant I wasn’t able to hear Grayson recite his poem at school and ughhh I just had so much Mom guilt about it. It is such a balancing act and I am sure I am not always good at it. There are four years in between my babies so it was a bit of an adjustment having baby number two. I guess the sacrifice was worth it though because Cruz did end up having a big long nap and is fever free today!

I am sure there are going to be a ton of situations like that in the up coming years, right? I guess all we can do is our best and that’s OK! That is one thing that I sort of love about blogging and social media. It has opened this whole other world to me of other Moms supporting each other and it is kind of amazing!

Thanks to all of you who read and support me, it means the world


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