We took these photos the other day and I have to laugh at my self and my super serious faces!!! I clearly am not a model! I promise I was actually totally happy and in a great mood šŸ™‚

I found this dress here, and I have been loving it. It sort of reminded me of being on vacation, it would be great as a cover up. It is made out of this really light weight gauzy fabric that is incredibly breathable. Which is important because it has been HOT here! I will say it does wrinkle a bit, but I just sort of embrace it.

Cruz gets so sweaty, he has kind of always been quick to sweat. As soon as we go out side his little head is dripping. So he was pretty happy playing with a cup of ice water as we were walking around.

I cannot believe how fast he is growing up, it really is heartbreaking. I have totally lost track of his age in months. Ya know how usually people ask about a babies age and the parent will answer in months. Well I stopped counting, He’s just 1! It slows things down for me, just a little, in my head any way.

Thanks for reading, hope you have a great week!!

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  1. I’m sure anyone is familiar with the adage that nothing is sexier than a man holding a baby…but wow! I say nothing sexier than a mom walking with confidence.
    You are rocking that dress, and that baby is adorable.

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