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I cannot believe that Christmas is almost here! This month just seemed to fly right by. I love Christmas, but more than Christmas, I love all the build up before hand. The lights and the music, all of it! So today I thought I would share some of our favorite Christmas traditions.

  1. Mistletoe
    So I found this idea on pinterest and it has been so fun. You get a sprig of mistletoe and every week we take turns putting it somewhere new. So each morning my family has to hunt for it, and when we find it we kiss under it. This gets really fun when you have some funny or challenging places to put it!
  2. Wrap up books and movies
    Another thing I like to do, is gift wrap Christmas books and movies that I already have mixed with a few new ones, each night Grayson picks one to unwrap and then we watch or read it.
  3. Santa’s Footprints
    On Christmas eve I just sprinkle some baby powder on the floor around one of Zach’s shoes and make little foot prints and Grayson flips out every time.
  4. Candy cane hunt
    Just like Easter but with candy canes instead!
  5. Each year I make Grayson pick a few toys to “give to Santa” and I tell him that Santa is going to fix them and make them new again and give them to another little boy or girl. It’s a good lesson for him, plus helps with the clutter; win-win I’d say.
  6. Happy Birthday Jesus
    Every Christmas I like to make a Birthday cake for Jesus, it really helps reiterate what Christmas is all about for my littles.
  7. Let kids all sleep in the same room
    My boys haven’t done this one yet, this is one I did growing up. Some of my best memories with my siblings were when we were in the same room, staying up late talking about the next morning and all the anticipation. It’s a good one.
  8. Build a manger for Jesus
    I learned this one from church and I love it. You cut out a white paper manger and have a little bag of straw, for every kind act or good dead you add a piece of straw. The idea is by the time it is Christmas, the manger is full of hay. Awwww sweet, right?
  9. Silver bells memory game
    This is an easy favorite. You just glue numbered paper on the bottom of Hersey Kisses and try to get a match, which then you eat 😉
  10. Yearly ornaments
    Every year I get the kids ornaments, I try to find ones that will remind them of something they did or loved that year.
  11. Service elf
    This is another cute idea I found online where instead of elf on the shelf, the elf has a small service idea for everyone. Like smile at everyone today or hug your siblings, stuff like that.
  12. Write letters to Missionaries or Soldiers
    This has been such a good one to create some good discussions with Grayson. Check out Operation Gratitude to get them sent out.
  13. Christmas lights
    This is my favorite! Getting cocoa, driving around and seeing all the pretty decorations, listening to Christmas music, ahhhhhh the best!
  14. Christmas decoration scavenger hunt
    Ok this has been a great one for when my kids get antsy in the car! You can make a printout and look for specific stuff or what we do is have a point system:
    Lights = 1 point
    Wreaths = 2 points
    Santa = 5 points
    See who can get the most points before you get to your location. Points reset each time you get out of the car. Also this has been good math practice too! I just sort of made this up out of desperation one day! hahaha
  15. Making cookies
    Classic tradition, favorite new recipe here!
  16. Christmas eve game
    Growing up we always got to open one gift on Christmas eve. So with my kids I have done the same, but I sort of pick for them and it is always a new board game, that we then play.
  17. Christmas music
    Yep starting after we eat Thanksgiving dinner, about dessert time, I put on Christmas music and I don’t turn it off until the 26th.
  18. Holiday crafts
    Each year I have the kids do a few holiday crafts. I get out the paint and construction paper and have them make a reindeer or snow globe or whatever I happen to pin that day! This is Grayson’s favorite one for sure.
  19. Santa pictures
    This is another good classic one that I did growing up. It was always fun because my Mom would display them each year in order and my siblings and I continued to do this until a few years ago actually.

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday and I would love to hear about your holiday traditions. I am so grateful for you all for following along with me!

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