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Hello Friends, annnnnd it’s Friday! Oh the weekend. I usually love the weekends, but I’m actually excited for it to be over already. Zach had to go out of town for work and I am bummed. I am surprised I am taking it so hard too. I mean I love him, but I was sort of shocked that I was crying when he left. (like shoulder shaking ugly cry) Yeah I am a wimp.

We took these pictures the other day at the most beautiful park, it had so many trees and they were all such beautiful shades of green. Also the sprinklers were on, so my kids had a ball running through them. I think my boys enjoy just running around in a big open field more than playing on the slides and swings and stuff. They are the cutest things and watching them play together just melts my Mama heart, especially since it is new. It has really taken Grayson over a year to play and have fun with his little brother. Up until now Cruz has just been getting in his way and “touching his stuff” hahaha. There are four years between them so Grayson got pretty use to being the center of our world, so baby Cruzie was definitely an adjustment for him. I had this image of Grayson just totally bonding with the baby right off the bat, and holding him and getting all these super sweet pictures of the two of them, yeah no. Hey it’s ok though, at least it is starting to happen now.

It is still pretty warm here, so I thought I should post about this pretty little dress before it cools down. This dress has the perfect little puff sleeve and the cutest tie up detail in the front. I paired it with a tank to make it a little more modest, but it would look great open too, maybe as a coverup.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend, thanks for reading!!!

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