Star Dress

Hello again! Can you believe Christmas is just a few weeks away? This year seriously went by so quickly for me! Anyone else feel that way? December is such a magical month, especially with my two little boys. I love all the activities that lead up to Christmas. I love all the lights everywhere and […]

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Furry Mules

Hi again, and happy Tuesday!! I had such a fun weekend I am pretty bummed it is all over already.  On Saturday, Grayson was invited to 3 Birthday parties. All in a row 11:00, 1:00 and 3:00. It was quite the day for him. At the first party, when we got there, the Mom let […]

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Top Shop

Tee/Jeans/Sunnies/Shoes/Choker Hello again, I am just sitting here enjoying the sweet, sweet time called, Nap Time! I got this ripped up tee at the Nordstrom sale this year and I love it. Sometimes i just want to put on a big tee shirt and call it a day. I also have this weird obsession with chokers. […]

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Blue Ruffles

Hello again, welcome back. I hope you all had a great weekend:)  My poor little baby had a fever all weekend. It was a low one, but it spiked in the middle of the night last night sooooooo yeah, didn’t sleep much. He doesn’t have any other symptoms so it seems to just be teething. […]

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Black Button Down

Dress/Shoes/Hat/Purse/Choker Hello guys, OK I have to tell this story. This weekend we had a date night with some friends, we were meeting them for dinner. Zach and I were a little early so we went next door to Target, walked around for a little bit. We ended up buying a few things and we […]

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Best T-Shirt Dress

OK isn’t this little lake community gorgeous? Look at how cute the homes are with their little paddle boats tied right up to their own decks! Being by the water has such a calming affect on me. This little dress has been my favorite thing to wear all Summer! It has basically been my uniform. […]

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Flower Wrap Dress

                I love basics!! And I tend to wear a lot of them, so I wanted to find something with a pattern to add some variety to all my plain stuff 🙂 This dress is incredibly comfortable, and easy to wear. It’s a wrap dress, but it has […]

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