Happy Monday! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. When I came home from the gym on Saturday morning, my house was all clean. My husband had totally cleaned it all up, without me asking him or anything. I thought it was super sweet (a little odd) but still really nice!

He took off and an hour later he texted me asking me if I was still at home, which was kind of a weird question but I just shrugged it off. Until there was a knock at my door, Amazon guy for sure. Nope, it was my older sister Alli!!! I was in total shock. I just started screaming and crying and grabbing her to see if she was real! It was the best surprise and I was so touched that my hubby had cleaned up the house for me so it wasn’t total chaos when she got here!

Any way we had the best time basically eating all weekend and catching up! My sister Alli has always been a hero of mine. I totally idolized her growing up and it’s a good thing because she is an awesome example.

So back to this pretty blush dress! I have been living in it this summer, so soft and easy to wear. It does wrinkle up sort of fast, but other than that it’s a winner. These booties though, are my favorite shoes right now, I wear them every other day at least! Both Nordstrom, I’ll link them below 🙂

Have a wonderful week thanks for reading!!!!!


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