Blue Ruffles

Hello again, welcome back. I hope you all had a great weekend:)  My poor little baby had a fever all weekend. It was a low one, but it spiked in the middle of the night last night sooooooo yeah, didn’t sleep much. He doesn’t have any other symptoms so it seems to just be teething.

It is so funny how different kids are, you know? My boys are seriously night and day. Grayson never had a fever when he teethed, but Cruz seems to get one for each tooth!! Grayson loved watching movies and baby shows and Cruzie is not interested. Grayson would play with toys on the floor by himself, happy to stay low and safe. While Cruz just wants to climb on anything and everything!

I got this pretty sun dress this Summer and I love it! Like, I love it so much I actually never wear it. It’s like I am saving it or something. Do you ever do that? Love an outfit so much you just leave it in your closet and Never wear it!!? It really has the softest fabric and the prettiest shade of blue. It’s by a brand called Sun and Shadows that Nordstrom carries and when I bought it, it was in the store and unfortunately I can’t find it online. But I linked some other really similar ones here and here and I love this one.

Have a great week everyone and thanks for reading!!

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