Black Button Down


Hello guys, OK I have to tell this story. This weekend we had a date night with some friends, we were meeting them for dinner. Zach and I were a little early so we went next door to Target, walked around for a little bit. We ended up buying a few things and we decided to get cash back on our purchase so we had some cash for our babysitter.

Anyways so we went to dinner and ended up sitting there talking for 3 hours!! At the end of hour 3, it occurred to me that since we used self check out, that we forgot to pick up our cash from the machine. Because it had been 3 hours, we just shrugged it off to a loss.

Well our sweet angel friend, was adamant in the goodness of our society and that the money would still be there. So we made a bet and we all went back to Target. Well low and behold it was!! One of the employees had turned it in 🙂

It was a good lesson to me to have a bit more faith in people, and to always assume the good!

Alright, this cute dress is so breezy and soft and I just love a good comfortable dress. You can sort of dress it up or pair it with sneakers and dress it down. Pretty affordable too!

Thanks again for reading.

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