Best T-Shirt Dress

OK isn’t this little lake community gorgeous? Look at how cute the homes are with their little paddle boats tied right up to their own decks! Being by the water has such a calming affect on me.

This little dress has been my favorite thing to wear all Summer! It has basically been my uniform. It’s soft and it hides what ya want like a good oversize shirt dress should.  It also has some cute little details to it. (It’s 50 % off right now too)

So funny story, I was feeding the baby one of those little baby food pouches right before we took these pictures, like right before. Annnnnd he totally squeezed some all down the front of my dress. :\  If  ya look close enough you can totally tell. Oh well right? I was trying to pose in a way that would sort of hide it too, ha ha ha.

Hope you had a great weekend, so far mine has been pretty lazyyyyyy!!!

Dress/Shoes-similar here/Sun glasses less expensive version here

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